Veronica's Snacks have the best fan's in town

We love our fan’s <3!

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We LOVE our Fans <3

This week has been just great at Veronica’s Snacks HQ . We have had more and more people contacting and telling us how much they are loving our snacks! This REALLY does make a difference. For someone to sit down, take time out of their day and write to us about how much our yummy baked snacks have made a difference in their lives, makes any hard day just float away. For any new start-up company getting people to hear about your new product, to try it, taste it and buy it can be one of the hardest parts. Recently however we can see that more and more people are coming across us, and even better giving us a go, and LIKING us!

This week alone we have had several e-mails from wonderful new fans of Veronica’s Snacks, we really hope they stay fans for life, we will do our best to please everyone and love your feedback, good and bad. Below is just a few of the lovely e-mails we received. Needless to say these kept us smiling for the whole week :)!


“Hi, I just felt I had to send an email to say a big thank you and well done for bringing one of the best ever gluten free snacks to the marketplace.

Last week in Tesco Clearwater in Finglas, I halted in my tracks when I spotted your product in the gluten free section, to give you a bit of background I have always been a savoury snack lover but when diagnosed as a coeliac 4 years ago, my days of munching Tayto, Hula Hoops, Meanies (oh you name it) were over. The one savoury snack I had left was Walkers crisps but just over a year ago circumstances changed at their factory so they can no longer declare the product as gluten free. So since then I have been searching (unsuccessfully) to find something to fill the craving.

I bought 4 packs to try and my God I have not been disappointed.  I have just finished off the Roast Tomato and Spanish Paprika Veggie Crisps and they were so good I was forced into licking the inside of the bag.

I will be heading straight to Tesco this evening to stock up further, but I just had to compliment you and your development team on such a brilliant product, you should be proud, keep up the fabulous work and I’ll happily keep munching.

Kind Regards,



“Hi there,

I was addicted to crisps but was diagnosed gluten intolerant in march and was so devastated. I have tried other gluten free crisps and they are horrible but just had a bag of your sour cream and onion crisps and just have to say they are fab!

Thank you!



“Hi there

Just want to say, I have been voting with my feet and bought three packs of these in the past week from Tesco in Cork City, and I don’t even eat crisps. You can tell they are less oily and less fatty and they actually taste better for it.

Really well done, hope you take off a la Innocent Smoothies.



If you want to share your Snack-tastic experiences, please do, we love hearing about them, and you never know, a Hamper might make it’s way to you too <3!


2 thoughts on “We LOVE our fan’s <3!

  1. Hey!

    I’ve just tried your sour cream, herb and onion organic crisps and I just had to tell you how much I love them. I actually bought them from the Harvey Nichols Foodmarket because they were organic and I wanted a quick snack, but they’re so good for you and tasty too – I’m definitely going to be trying all your products not just from a health point of view, but because they’re so darn tasty! My family love them too, I’ll never have another brand.,


    • Hey Maria,
      Thanks so much for your feedback, it’s really great to hear :)! We are working really hard at the moment and messages like this make it all worth while, We hope you continue to buy and enjoy <3!!!
      Veronica’s x

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