Healthier crisps - that taste and feel like...crisps!

Thanks for making healthier crisps – that taste and feel like…crisps!

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Nothing is quite so rewarding as getting good feedback from a happy customer.  We just received this lovely note from a new customer in England who has just experienced Veronica’s Baked Crisps for the first time!  What a nice review- feedback like this makes all our efforts so worthwhile.  Thanks so much for this Shazia!

“Hi Veronica or team Veronica,
As a coeliac sufferer, going gluten-free was something I had to do without choice. I have replaced staple products such as cereal and pasta but tend to keep away from replacement cakes, biscuits etc. just because the nutritional content is terrible and much worse than non-gluten free versions. I have not come across a product and thought wow until now.

I had to keep the empty crisp packet in my bag so I could get home, charge my dead phone and email you just to say your crisps are fab! It is the first time I have ever emailed a company to commend their product. I found this in Leeds city centre Tesco but hope you produce more flavours (I only saw the baked potato crisps sour cream). Also make sure the supermarkets are putting your product either in the free form section or crisps – I found these in the world foods section.

I would love to keep buying these and hope you continue to produce wonderful REAL healthier alternatives.

I don’t expect a box or hamper of these to turn up on my door so just well done for a producing crisps that taste and feel like crisps!

Kindest regards,
Shazia “



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