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Back to school time

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So it’s that time of year again! The time most parents dread. The constant rushing to get yourself and the kids ready for the day ahead is hard going. But it doesn’t end there, you parents must then collect your children from school, drop them to the various activities they are involved in and ensure there is a dinner ready and waiting for them when they return home. How ye do it I will never know!

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With all this coming and going, people tend to develop the habit of snacking as they go along. This is generally because people do not have the time to cook healthy snacks. Therefore, the easiest option is to pop to the shop and buy various types of snacks, such as “Taytos”, “Walkers” bars, “Hunky Dorys” etc. Now everybody, I myself included, likes to indulge in these types of snacks from time to time but we must learn when to draw the line.

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One way of conquering the urge to go and purchase those unhealthy foods is to just simply substitute them for fruits. It is the easiest way but not always the most liked way. However, another way of replacing the unhealthy foods is to swap them with healthy alternatives. This is where our “Veronicas Crisps” comes in handy. These are a healthy option which allows you crisp lovers to get your intake of crisps. The fact we are coeliac friendly is just a bonus! :)

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