Things We Do

things we do

When we’re not busy making bags of munchy, crunchy Veronica’s Snacks, you’ll usually find us outdoors, even when the sun isn’t shining (which, being Ireland, is a lot of the time!).

Being Beside the SeasideIf it involves water, especially sea-water, we’re in, everything from surfing to splashing, to soccer on the sand. It’s fab, occasionally freezing, but it beats the blues every time!

Al Fresco FeastsMaybe it’s because we’ve worked up an appetite running around, or maybe the fresh-air gives extra flavour to the food? Whatever it is, picnics (on our special picnic-rug) are magic!

Not Going to the GymGyms are great, but they’re not for everyone. Our gang prefer to bring our exercise outdoors! Whether it’s a brisk walk, a gentle run, or a weekend family cycle – being outside doubles our endorphins!

Making StuffSometimes we do actually stay indoors! We make cup-cakes (not just for parties!) and other tasty treats with a healthy twist. Sometimes we get really creative and draw pictures of summer days when we can go outside again!

Games Without ScreensFrom rounders on the beach to frisbee in the park, from swingball in the garden to hide-n-seek ’round the house, because sometimes turning off the screens is when the fun really starts!