About Us

our story

I’m Veronica Kenneally –healthy food lover, mother of three snack-happy kids, and the woman behind Veronica’s Snacks.

I’ve always been passionate about good, wholesome food. I love the way it makes me feel after I’ve eaten it, and I know that it keeps me well. And now that I’ve my own family, I’m even more motivated to spread the healthy-eating word, especially when it comes to snack-time!

I’m also a big fan of picnics with family and friends, especially on the beach. That’s usually the time when someone will produce at least one share-bag of crisps – ‘cos let’s face it, they taste even better outdoors!



But it got me wondering why there wasn’t a healthier version of our favourite savoury snacks,crisps with all the flavour and taste that I loved, but less of the not-so-healthy stuff? I also wondered why there weren’t more gluten-free crisps, ‘cos surely kids or grown-ups with dietary restrictions deserved to have permission to munch along with the rest of us?

And with those revolutionary thoughts in mind, the Good Crisp Crusader (that’s what they call me at home) was born. Welcome to the World of Veronica’s Snacks!