Our Range

I’m Veronica Kenneally – Irish mother of three, healthy food lover – and the woman behind Veronica’s Snacks.

I’ve always been passionate about food. The way I see it is; every day, we all consume a certain amount of food, so why not try and make each meal matter? Even in the smallest way.

It doesn’t mean having to produce a gourmet dish at every sitting, sometimes it’s just about making healthier choices: the whole-meal bread instead of the white bread, the piece of fruit instead of the biscuit, the glass of water instead of the fizzy drink.

Having said that, I enjoy my snacks as much as the next person! But I try and make sure that when it comes to snack-time – whether it’s for myself, my family or my friends – that what we putting into our bodies is healthy, and tasty too. Guilt-free snacking is what I’m about!

I’m a big fan of outdoor picnics, and it was during these picnics that the idea for Veronica’s Snacks first started to take shape in my head.

I noticed that no matter what array of delicious and nutritious goodies were laid out on the picnic-rug for the kids at lunchtime, as soon as a packet of shiny, foil-wrapped crisps were produced, the healthy snacks were ignored!

It was in those moments, that I knew something needed to be done about “the crisp issue”, and that I was the woman to do it. And so it was that the Good Crisp Crusader (that’s what they call me at home) was born!