Our Crisp Crusade

our crisp crusade

At Veronica’s Snacks we want everyone to have permission to munch, to enjoy snack time without worrying about what’s inside the bag!

And so, when we created our range of Baked Crisps, we made sure to make ‘em full of flavour, but with less fat, less salt, and less of the other not-so-good stuff. We also insisted they were baked instead of fried, because that’s also A Good Thing.

But after we’d done that, we realised there was a whole bunch of kids and grown-ups whose restricted diets meant they couldn’t enjoy our delicious new savoury snacks. So… we put our aprons back on (our version of “thinking caps”) and came up with a new recipe that was also gluten-free.

And to keep things interesting, Veronica’s Baked Crisps come in two snack-tastic flavours; mouthwatering Sour Cream Herb & Onion and sizzling, spicy Barbeque.

So whether you’re on a special diet, or trying to make healthier choices, or maybe you just like the look of our bags on the shelf… for whatever reason they grab you, that makes us happy!

They’re Veronica’s Baked Crisps and they’re for everyone, because everyone deserves a little munchy crunchy happiness!