Now this is the interesting part! Have you ever made
pancakes or waffle mix? Well that’s where we start. We
mix up all the mashed potato flakes, potato starch, corn
flour and oils in our giant mixer. When we’re doing our
veggie crisps we use veggies of course. This makes our
yummy batter mix. When that’s done our crisp machine
drops exactly 1 gram of our mixture onto the conveyor
belt (1gram=1 crisp). The mixture is then flattened and
shaped into the crisp (this is how they get the little ridges).


Once this is done they make their way to a giant oven
where we bake them at 160°c, in order to give them that
very important and satisfying crunch. By baking them we
don’t add any extra fats like frying would, so they are
even better for you!


Once our yummy Veronica’s Snacks are baked, it’s time for them to go to
the flavour sprayer. This is like a giant hairdryer which
sprays the herbs and spices onto the crisps, coating them all
individually, no extra oils or fats this time either, just
flavour. Once this is done, we’re ready to fill the bags.


This is where our X-ray machine comes into play (hi-tech or
what). This machine does two things, firstly it makes sure
our bags are packed exactly to the weight they should be,
if too much goes in, or two little, it keeps an eye. Once the
bags are the right weight, they go through security; here
they are x-rayed again to make sure there are no surprises
in any bags of Veronica’s Snacks, only yummy snacks!! And that’s it,
once all this is complete they make their way to the shelves
and your yummy tummy!!