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Veronica’s snacks barbecue chicken fritters

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We had great fun making our Barbecue Chicken Fritters last weekend with barbecue flavour Veronica’s Snacks!


It’s so simple, tasty and you can have quality laughter time with the kids whilst making these tasty treats!


You need:
Chicken fillets
One Egg
One share size bag of Barbecue flavour Veronica’s Snacks.
All you have to do is:


Empty the barbecue flavour Veronica’s Snacks bag into your food processor or else into a bowl and hammer with a rolling pin until you get a nice crumb size.


unnamed (2)-001


Cut your chicken fillets into whatever size you like – 10 pieces per fillet.


Little Tip!

I normally cut them off a chicken but if you buy them  from your butcher or supermarket – always take them out of the plastic wrapper and soak in milk until you need them ( discard the milk.)  The fillets absorb the milk and are extra juicy!

unnamed (1)

Beat one egg and then dip your chicken into the egg using your left hand and then remove and place in a bowl of your BBQ crumbs and toss with your right hand and when it is nicely covered place on a greased baking tray/ casserole dish .


Place in the oven for 25 mins at 200 degrees.


My kids love them and I know your’s will too!


Untitled design (7)


PS: Barbecue Share Bags currently on promotion with SuperValu … Shhh it’s our secret!


Happy munching!  :-)




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