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Healthy marketing and great feedback!

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We received a lovely email a few days ago. A fellow Veronica’s Snacks fan wrote to let us know that, whilst he enjoyed snacking on Veronica’s Snacks, we may have a potential marketing pitfall that we should be aware of.

Roast Tomato & Spanish Paprika+


He wrote:

Hi there,

Just some packaging colouration feedback.

I had some of your “Baked veggie crisps – roast tomato and Spanish paprika” crisps today. I had bought them in Lidl in Banbridge NI.

I loved them! Very crunchy and I love that they are low salt,  sugar and fat. I have recently lost a lot of weight (5st) due to high blood pressure and wanting to get fit and healthy. Your crisps are a great wee number to have as a snack to share with friends without much worry about eating “junk”.

The main reason I am emailing though is about your packaging. I offered some to my wife and she refused as “they were not good for you”. I was confused, till she pointed out that it was due to the colouring of the packaging. You use all red on the nutritional breakdown per serving. *see picture*. In NI the colour green is good for you, amber ok, and red is awful.

As I had enjoyed them so much I thought I’d best warn you of a potential marketing pitfall and suggest altering the colour across the nutritional info on the front of the packet. I understand why it is red, it is a very nice colouring to match the flavour.

Thanks for the crisps anyway and am looking forward to trying the sour cream type next!

We read the email and we agree! So much so that we have sent his thoughts onto our designer to prepare for future packaging changes!

We wanted to share this to spread the message that we listen to ALL feedback and, when we can, act on your advice.

Let us know what you think about Veronica’s Snacks, we love to hear from you!

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