Clare's Second Week in Veronica's Snacks| Read All About It -

Clare’s second week in veronica’s snacks| read all about it

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Hi guys, I have decided to write a weekly blog to let you know what I am doing and how I am getting on here at Veronica’s Snacks. My overall focus here in Veronica’s Snacks is to make friends with  thirteen to eighteen year olds.

Firstly, I had to research their trends and what they find ‘cool’. I thought this would be quite easy for me because I would consider myself still young but clearly I was mistaken! It appears I am not as you would say ‘down with the kids’.

It is quite crazy to see new forms of marketing businesses are using to attract their target market. For me, my focus this week has been on Snapchat.


Snapchat is a mobile phone app you can download to your iPhone or Android smartphone, used to ‘chat’ with friends through photos and videos. What makes Snapchat different is you can set a time limit (10 seconds max) for how long the recipient can view their snap after which the photo will be instantly deleted seconds after it has been opened.  The reason I have chosen Snapchat is because it’s main audience is 13 to 25 year olds which fits my target market. I came across a very interesting article about ‘Snapchat for Brands’. You can see in the image below some interesting facts I found out.


Recently a lot of businesses have taken to Snapchat to show their followers a sneak peak of new products about to be launched. It is an excellent way to interact with young people and also a fun aspect to promoting your brand. I launched our ‘How do you eat you Veronica’s?’ this week on Twitter and Facebook.  We got some funny snaps sent into us, which I am excited to see how popular it may become. Check out our twitter page to see:


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