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Veronica’s snacks by emma goulding

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Veronica’s Snacks by Emma Goulding

We recently had a lovely surprise in the form of a beautifully written letter and poem from Emma Goulding.



The letter read:

Dear Veronica,

I wrote this poem about Veronica’s Snacks because everyone in my class in school entered into a short story /poem competition.

We had to write about a local food producer. Everyone chose different food producers and I chose Veronica’s Snacks because I think Veronica’s Snacks is a fantastic idea and super tasty!

Lots of love from Emma Goulding xoxo

The Veronica’s Snacks team LOVE the poem and wanted to share it with the world. It’s well written and says it all really!


It reads:

Veronica’s Snacks,

They’re healthy and fun!

A perfect treat for everyone!


They’re gluten free and super cool

A handy snack for going to school!


Wherever you are,

Whenever you like.

After a walk,

A run or a hike.


Having a picnic,

Sitting back to relax,

Hope you enjoy ………

Veronica’s Snacks!


Myself and my two girls called into the 5th class girls today and presented Emma Goulding with her own box of munchy happiness.


I praised her for her fantastic poem and expressed how much it means to me,

She is a fantastic bright and popular girl and I wish her and her school buddies the very best,

They are starting their school holidays so let’s hope they all have a great time because these years are the building blocks of great people to come.

My two rascals were only delighted to join in!!!

Love Veronica! xoxo

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